6 Ways To Be And Have A Good Workout Partner

Going every day to the gym almost sounds like impossible to a lot of people because, by the time they come home from work, they would rather just sit on the sofa and eat something with a nice movie than tire them in the gym. One big reason for this lazy attitude is that in any case, they will only be letting their own selves down and not anyone else. The situation, therefore, changes when you have a workout partner. Being and having a partner puts a certain stamp on you that you have to show up every day. If you want to make your time in the gym worthwhile by having a good partner, follow these six easy steps.

#1 Choose the right partner

You should always go for the person who is in a similar situation where you stand. For instance, if you have just started with the gym and you get a partner who is a strong bodybuilder, then chances are your duo will not work for long. Your partner should have similar goals, and his/her situation should be relatable. But one thing should be kept in mind that your gym partner should be more motivated than you so that he/she can have a positive effect on you.

#2 Be reliable

The whole reason behind making a workout partner is to make sure that you both show up daily. What good is it going to be if one is constantly not showing up? You have to respect your partner and be there every day unless there is some major emergency, even in that case you should inform beforehand. If you are this considerate, then your partner in return will care equally for you.

#3 Don’t forget to workout

You go to the gym to work out, so make sure you are achieving that. Chatting and catching up on missed events with your partner can be done someplace outside the gym or as soon as you both get done with your daily exercise. Working out needs concentration and focus so while you’re at the gym focus only your exercise.

#4 Be honest

Your partnership should be a healthy and helpful one where you both show the real picture to each other. Don’t help your partner on a bench press and have him celebrate something he didn’t achieve. Both of you have, to be honest with each other regarding what you can and can’t do.

#5 Know when to touch the bar

Your job as a spotter is to make sure that no heavy equipment crushes your partner’s face. Other than that, you’re not supposed to keep him/her in an illusion of what they can lift. Sometimes, spotters touch the bar too soon, and this isn’t good either. You need to touch the bar only when it comes to a complete stop.

#6 Encourage and celebrate

You need to boost each other’s morale and buck each other up for every milestone achieved, even if it is a small one. Everyone starts from zero so you shouldn’t be ashamed of celebrating small targets because all of that encourages you for a bigger one.

Chris Hemsworth Supplements And Golden Rules For Perfect Body

The importance of a fit and muscular body is quite known to celebrities and professional weightlifters. A perfect muscular body is the proof that they are quite serious about their profession and train hard for every assignment that they have. Building a muscular body like a bodybuilder has become quite important and professional actors like Chris Hemsworth are serious examples of how one person can transform himself completely if he has the will and passion along with dedication. The transformation that Chris did for his movie Thor was nothing less than incredible and he surprised the whole World with his muscles and heavy body. The actor put himself under strict diet and made sure that he works out rigorously and passionately for getting the end result.

Body building is like austerity and you should follow three golden rules in order to get the best body –

  • The first and most important rule is to follow the workout habit as suggested by your trainer. Laziness should be avoided at all levels and staying consistent all throughout is the key. The golden rule of exercise is that if you would not workout than you would not grow. Keeping this fact in mind you should always make it a point to work hard while training.
  • The second rule that holds the key is eating right and having a proper diet. If you are having a lean body and are looking to put on weight for muscle building then you should not eat in bulk rather you should devise a diet plan and eat in small proportions at a fixed time interval. Having right doses of fats is important and you should take a nutrient rich diet to give your muscles the chance to grow. The Chris Hemsworth supplements are full of nutrients and he always look to take a protein and vitamin rich diet along with lots of carb diet for healthy growth of muscles and muscle weight.
  • The third and quite important rule is to stay fit and make sure that you do not suffer any form of injury. It should be made a thumb rule to lift according to your body and avoid lifting heavy weights. The idea should be to increase the lifting weight slowly with time and you should avoid injuries and fatigue. Getting injuries should be avoided completely and if you get hurt at any point than you will limit your exercise capacity and chances of getting a perfect body becomes quite negligible.

Along with proper form of exercising and workouts, some of the celebrities like Chris rely a lot on the role of hormone growth supplements. Popular supplements like Alpha Fuel and Formula T-10 prove quite helpful and help in growth of testosterone in the body. Such supplements also prove quite vital in getting the body the energy and power to fight fatigue and indulge in quite heavy exercise without feeling stress or low strength. The best part of the supplements is that they are quite natural and contain oxidants that help the body to heal quite easily and reduce the recovery time.